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Asexual Relationships with Sex Dolls

Asexuality has been a hot ticket topic since it was first introduced into the world of sexual encounters, claiming that some human beings have no desire to touch men or women. They would prefer to exist as solo entities, content without the physical touch that can only come from a person.

However, as we explored this topic further, research emerged classifying subtypes of asexual individuals. Some different categorizations can include:

Asexuals with no sex drive: These are people who have zero desire to engage in any kind of sexual activity, masturbation included.

Asexuals with solo arousal: Other asexuals can be aroused sexually, but that arousal may not necessarily be directed at other people.

Asexual disconnection: Some asexuals may feel a disconnect between their bodies and arousal, viewing themselves as separate entities.

There are many other subtypes of asexuality that have yet to be researched and reported. Psychology Today did find that the majority of asexual women (65 percent) and men (80 percent) have sexual fantasies. Although these fantasies oftentimes do not involve people, it positions this group of people favorably for the incorporation of sex dolls.

What Are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are inanimate life-size dolls that are made specifically for sexual arousal and pleasure. In the past, these sex dolls were just plastic, basic dolls that men and women could hold and use for masturbation. However, today, the realistic nature of these dolls continues to evolve, with many AI-programming companies stating that technology is going to transform the ability of these dolls in our lifetimes.

One recent article even claimed that AI sex robots could change the trajectory of humankind forever, as these dolls may be able to emulate human-like qualities.

Asexual Relationships with Sex Dolls

Naturally, asexual individuals find comfort and sexual stimulation with sex dolls, which present none of the triggering characteristics of regular humans, like warm touch, smells, sounds, and so forth. As inanimate objects, asexual individuals do not find these dolls overwhelming or intimidating; rather, they can set the scene how they like it, and feel totally comfortable with their sexual preferences. They do not need to please the sex dolls or act a certain way; it’s the sex doll’s job to make them feel stimulated and happy.

For the subtype of asexuals that fantasize about humans, as well as those that do not fantasize about humans, sex dolls are becoming an increasingly pragmatic solution to keep them happy without the real-life commitment.

Overall, asexuals, like everyone part of the LGBT community, exist on a continuum, which means you cannot simply label every single asexual with the same titles and assumptions. It is worth a conversation to look deeper into what exactly they like and do not like as an asexual.

As sex doll sales continue to skyrocket, with embedded technology soon on the way, perhaps more individuals will feel comfortable owning their asexuality as they find comfort and solace with their sex doll companions.