Asexual Explorations


Asexual Explorations exists to promote the academic study of asexuality. There are a number of good introductory level resources available and a list of recommended sites are provided on the page background information. More in depth information on asexuality exists, but it is scattered across forums, blogs, podcasts, and email groups, which can be very time-consuming for people to sift through to find the information they are interested in. A fairly comprehensive listing of asexual sites can be found on the AVENwiki

I have made this site as an asexual deeply interested in the future of the subject in academic discourse. I am not an expert on human sexuality. I have an MA in mathematics and am currently pursuing an advanced degree in linguistics, but I endeavor to be an informed layperson on the topics I write about. Much of my own writing can be found on Asexual Explorations Blog. Also, I have been a contributor to AVENues, the bi-monthly newsletter for AVEN.